“Happy is back.”

— The Austin Chronicle

“It’s as if all the hooligans that got kicked out of marching band for their boisterousness and punk rock covers came together and formed a circus-punk-brass band.”

— Do512

“The Minor Mishap Marching Band created a musical spectacle unmatched this side of New Orleans or a Mummers Parade.”

— Austin American-Statesman

Critics Pick, Best of Austin 2011: Best Marching Merrymakers
“Nothing compares to the gesamtkunstwerk of a Minor Mishap show, with members parading around like anarchist, psychotic bumblebees on Adderall, blowing music outta variously sized sound holes, standing atop bars, stages, and one another. The vibe is so, so very celebratory, even the crustiest curmudgeon would crack a grin. It’s what all those high school kids in polyester, double-breasted shame cocoons standing out in the Texas sun and doing their darndest to play terrible translations of Bee Gees and ABBA tunes mercilessly foisted upon them wishes they were doing instead. Led by the sweet and frenetic performative conducting of Datri Bean, the band boasts a roster of randy and rowdy goodness: old and young, straight and queer. From QueerBomb to Honk!TX (a national street-band fest) to the recent release of its first CD, this circus of a band ain’t going anywhere besides up! Those cool, disaffected indie-rock alternate-youth can suck it, hard.”

— The Austin Chronicle

“Listening to you here in London and your music gives us a huge grin. It’s  gloriously loud, irreverent and alive.  If one listens to your stuff and does not feel like jumping in the air, it is because they are already dead. Or near enough dead.”

— Super Fan