The Band

Video by Reshma Kirpalani, Austin American-Statesman


Fun, loud and in the street! Minor Mishap Marching Band is a 25-piece renegade circus-punk brass band: Bourbon Street meets Budapest. We are inspired by a love of street music, brass bands, and spectacle, as well as a desire to create community and reinvent public spaces.

“It’s as if all the hooligans that got kicked out of marching band for their boisterousness and punk rock covers came together and formed a circus-punk-brass band.”

– Do512

“Minor Mishap Marching Band is known for their shenanigans, their black and yellow costumes, and their fun-loving exuberance.  Because most instruments in Minor Mishap do not need to be amplified, musicians are not confined to the stage.  They’ve been known to climb upon just about any solid piece of furniture they can find, and try almost any silly hi-jinx they can think of.  Nothing compares to the gesamtkunstwerk of a Minor Mishap show, with members parading around like anarchist, psychotic bumblebees on Adderall, blowing music outta variously sized sound holes, standing atop bars, stages, and one another. The vibe is so, so very celebratory, even the crustiest curmudgeon would crack a grin.”

–The Austin Chronicle